Monday, August 21, 2017

New Blog Look

I made a new header, again. I have kept my blue header quite a few months on my blog, and I decided it's time for a new blog look. And viola!!!

I've put Marian and Robin from Robin Hood bbc in the picture because those two are just adorable, Caroline from Poldark because she's my favorite, Mary from Downton Abbey because she wears such a lovely dress and Sybil from Downton Abbey because she is one of my favorite's. 


Friday, August 18, 2017

Ask me Anything ~ Answers

The answers on the questions of the Ask me Anything post!

Warning: a-post-filled-with-a-lot-of-pictures.

Thank you all for your lovely questions!

Miss Woodhouse asked.....

Do you have a best friend? If so, how did you two meet?

Oh yes, I have. The best friend I could ever imagine. She is adorable, lovely and she can draw so good you can't believe she drawn that. :) You always can count on her, when you are sad, or you have problem. SHE IS AN AMAZING FRIEND. And I am glad she is in my life. How we met, let me think. The funniest thing is that we were both very young when  we met. Okay, here it comes...we met on a playground....*it's out*.....It is really strange, but we met on a big playground. My mom was talking to her mom and I saw her brothers running around, I only saw a glimp of her. And the next morning, my mom told us that we went to visit their family. The first meeting was akward, but eventually we became close. :) And now we are best friends. 
If you could have been cast in Downton Abbey, who would you have wanted to act and why?

Lady Rose. Just because she is my favorite and we look quite a lot like each other. 

What is you favorite season?

What is you favorite girl's name? Boy's name?

Favorite girl's name(s): Katie and Lily
Favorite boy's name: Allan and Jack.

Would you rather have a big career or just be a stay at home mom?  

Definitely a home mom, I love kids and doing things which include home things. :)

Have you, or would you, ever cut your hair really short?

Nope, never done it. I would try it for one once, but it is quite scary. 

Elanor asked......

Favorite movie that is NOT a period drama?

This is a good question. The first time someone asks me that question. :) 
Is Cinderella (2015) a period drama? If yes, forget my answers, if no, I am going to choose that one.
Anyway, The Princess Diaries will be my favorite movie that is not a period drama. :)
Favorite TV show?

Gilmore Girls. 

Most inspirational quote in a book you recently read?

Haven't read any books lately. It's a shame, I know. :)
Most episodes of Downton Abbey you've watched in one sitting?

Favorite place to curl up with a book?

My bed. 

MovieCritic asked....

What is your least favorite book?

I have read so many books I can't remember which one is my least favorite. 
What is your least favorite movie?

You've Got Mail

Would you rather be a character in Robin Hood or Downton Abbey?

Why must you ask me this inpossible question!!! I would love to play a character in both of the series. IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION! How am I going to choose???? Wow, so hard....can't choose....can I choose both?....No, you can't.....Alright, I think I would choose for Robin Hood, although I LOVE Downton Abbey, I will go for Robin Hood. Life is more adventurous. 

If there was anyone in the world you would switch places with for a day, who would it be?

Gee, no idea. Can't answer this one. SORRY.

What is your least favorite color?


Would you rather get married in summer or winter?

Another difficult question. Let me say SUMMER!!! 
Ruth asked.....

What is the story you're writing on most recently(with that I mean: what story that you write yourself is the most recent)?

I have let my story like it is, what I mean, haven't read forward yet. But the current story I am writing is The English Girl. 

Who do you like better: Caroline or Demelza from Poldark?

Caroline. :)

From Mr Selfridge, who's your second favourite character?

Grace Calthorpe. She is also my first and second favourite character. I like Agnes, but Grace is my favourite female character in the show.
If you could choose a board from Pinterest and do all the things that are there(for example: make all recipes in a food board, travel to all places on a nature board, meet all actresses and actors from a movie board), which would it be?

My lovely wardrobe's board. :)

Do you like autumn better, or spring?

Spring, where everything is going to bloom, the weather is getting better and it is time to pick up the summer wardrobe and put the winter wardrobe back in the attic.

Which fairytale do you like better: Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, or Snow White?

Never have seen Beauty and the Beast or Snow White, so I go with Cinderella. The 2015 version of course. 

Would you rather be friends with someone who is rich and wealthy and has an enormous house and garden, or with someone who has simple and ordinary things, a small house, but a gorgeous location for their house?

Hard question! The person who has a simple, yet beautiful house with an gorgeous location.
Rather live at seaside or at the countryside?

Which do you like better: foxes or wolves?


Would you rather take a stroll at midnight or in clear daylight?

At midnight. :) It's more adventurous and exciting.
 Anna Holmberg asked...

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

If you could design your own ball gown/evening dress, what would it look like?

Ballgown : Just like the blue ball gown like in Cinderella (2015), worn by Ella.
Evening dress: Just like the red dress in Downton Abbey, worn by Mary.

What kind of music (genres, artist, specific songs...) do you like best?

I like all sorts of music. :) Don't have one specific like the best kind of music. :) If I have to choose, I would you for movie soundtracks. :)

Which Road to Avonlea character do you feel you have the most in common with?

I think Sara. I can have a big imagination, I don't really like to cook, of course I would do it, I love to read and like fancy dresses. The part I am not is that I haven't have a rich dad, I have a mom and dad, who are the greatest parents I have. I haven't got all fancy things, I don't need them, I can live without. I am not living with my two aunts at Prince Edward Island. :)

Rae asked....

Do you prefer chocolate or other candy?

Chocolate. :)
What has been one of your favourite parts of summer?

Having fun with my family. Watch lovely movies. Rearrange my clothing. Going shopping. Go to my grandparents. A lot I know. :D
What is your favorite movie you've seen recently?

The Parent Trap.
What is your favourite book you've read recently?

Haven't read any books recently. A shame, I know. I am going to read a book named Stone Street. A weird name, but it's a dutch book, they mostly have strange names.

And these were all the questions. Thank you all for asking me these lovely answers!! 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ask me Anything

A Ask me Anything Week on my blog. :)

Be my quest and leave a lot of questions in the comments. (no obligations)

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Poldark ~ Season 2 ~ Review

Now this season is more compelling than season 1. There is a lot of trouble, but there is also happiness.

Season 2 begins with some flasbacks from season 1, Ross is taken by soldiers and Demelza stands alone on the cliff. Some of you, who watched Poldark, may remember that.

Ross is taken to prison because he is guilty at a robbery at the beach an other night. Of course he is not guilty, we all know, but George, the mean villain, wants him dead and accuses him of being guilty of the robbery. Ross is always trying to fight against George, he mostly wins, but in this case, it really looks bad for him. 

Now we have Demelza, who really wants Ross to stay alive, because she would be lost without him. She fights alongside Ross to help him get out of jail, and to not be hanged. 

Elizabeth also really tries to help Ross, which was quite annoying. But what I liked about her, that she and Francis really getting close to each other.
Now, let us take a look at the characters.

Ross changed a lot in this season. In season 1 he didn't appreciate Demelza as much as he should have done, but now he is necleting her, he's not informing her about his business, doesn't really pay attention what she does for him and their son Jeremy. I did like him in season 1, but my mind is changed now. He must deal with George, which is very hard, but he just wouldn't let Demelza help him.Ross isn't loyal to Demelza either.
Demelza is still the same. She really suffers from her husbands mistakes. Ross isn't aware of her pain he causes her. And in this season she is suffering with another news, a news she is afraid to tell Ross. But eventually she tells him and he is happy with it. There is always trouble on their way. 
One of the troubles is that their is one woman who just can't leave Ross and Demelza alone. 

And yes, I am speaking about Elizabeth. I began to like her, because she changed, Francis and her relationship becomes more seriously, but I might have it wrong. That is because Ross is always visiting her and can't leave her alone. She says she doesn't love him anymore, but in her heart she still loves him. Elizabeth, why can't you just leave Ross and Demelza alone? Live your life, and let them life their lives. 

Francis is a man who changed a lot. I didn't liked him in season 1, but I do in season 2. He begins to give his family attention and helps with the land. He confronts George, finally saying what he wanted to say, he begins to love Elizabeth more and their son and becomes partners with Ross. He helps a lot in the mine. And then the awful accident happens, which made me cry. 
There is a new character in season 2. Caroline Penvenen, a very wealthy girl who stays the summer by her uncle. She and Dwight Enys fall in love and eventually want to marry with each other. Like my brother would say, very predictable. But, a lot of things go wrong. Which is obviously. I guess they will be married in season 3. Dwight goes to the navy, leaving his fiance Caroline behind.

Dwight didn't changed. He is still a friend of Ross and a doctor who helps the poor. Which Caroline dissaproves first, but eventually she can live with that. 
George Warleggan is still annoying, planning to ruin Ross his live forever. Hates it when he fails, laughs when he succeed. I don't like him, but he makes a pretty good villain. He eventually gets everything what he wants, he only have to do a lot of effort to succeed these things. 

And then we have got Jud and Prudie, still the same, they make you laugh. We have got Jeremy, the son of Ross and Demelza, Geoffrey Charles, son of Francis and Elizabeth, Blamey and Verity, aunt Agatha and captain Henshaw and the investors. 

There is one scene which isn't really appropraite for children. We just closed our eyes when it came up. 
George doing his stupid fighting lessons.